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Ron Bianco, the owner of Bianco Varmint Control, acquired Randy's Varmint Control business in 2021 to continue helping home and property owners control wildlife problems. The firm serves Solano County, Napa County, Sacramento County, and Yolo County.

Ron grew up in the Bay Area.  As a kid, Ron was always fascinated by animals. He would observe every animal in his environment.  Whether it was squirrels, skunks, raccoons, possums, birds, snakes, frogs... you name it, he would spend hours watching their every move. Learning their different behaviors, what they ate, how they lived, is what amazed him. As a hobby, he would build little traps and shelters for them. If he could keep them as pets, he would. This enjoyment turned into a passion. His love for animals and his compassion to protect them became his purpose in life.

Ron’s passion for animals and his love for outdoors coupled with his creativity to build/repair things, this endeavor was a perfect fit. It encompasses everything that he enjoys doing so he decided to pursue the business. From owning a flooring store, working for an environmental company, and doing various home repairs, his expertise in trapping and tracking animals safely was something he enjoys doing.


Ron has a vast amount of experience working with animals and has a unique method of capturing them safely.  He is a licensed Trapper (State of California Department of Fish and Game) and is fully insured. His capacity to serve the greater Bay Area with his exceptionally rare expertise is remarkable!

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