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  • Trapping “unwanted visitors” and removing them from your yard, garden, or indoor/outdoor areas.

  • Removal of animals from structures, including rafters, attic space, gaps in sheetrock, or the space behind your siding.

  • We use live traps to catch the varmints, which do not hurt the animals.

  • We catch bats, skunks, snakes, raccoons, possums, and numerous other creatures.

Ron snake.jpg
  • We do everything possible to make sure critters cannot get back into your building after we leave.

  • We identify any gaps in the structure that would allow critters to enter your building.

  • We do repairs to close off access points, which may be in your foundation, vents, or voids.

  • We check your siding, attic space, rafters, and any other building defects that would allow animals to get inside.

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  • Dead animals may carry disease that can be transmitted to your pets and possibly to humans. They can also attract other parasites and animals to your property, compounding the problem.

  • If you have discovered dead wildlife in your building or on your property, we will safely and carefully remove it for you.

  • We take steps to decontaminate the area and remove any odor or mess.

  • We leave your property in the same condition we found it.

  • We will clean up any mess an animal may have made in or around your property.

  • If we do repairs, we take care of any dust, debris, trash or other mess that our staff may have made during the course of our work.

Ron remote video.jpg
  • We provide a live streaming video inspection.

  • We have the ability to surveillance underneath the house or in the attic without physically being that specific location.

  • We can remotely view area inside or outside (especially in hard to reach places) and monitor varmint activities live so we can trap them safely.

  • We are able to receive digital photos from anywhere even in zero light situations.

  • The instant photo capture and delivery to our cellular phone provides us with immediate feedback so we can adjust our trapping tactics.

  • Allows us to constantly monitor movement and trap varmints quicker.

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