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Bianco Varmint Control acquired Randy's Varmint Control business in 2021 to continue helping home and property owners control wildlife problems. We focus on the removal of skunks, raccoons, possums, snakes, bats, wild pigs, and pigeons. The firm serves Solano County, Napa County, Sacramento County, and Yolo County.


Bianco Varmint Control is a full-service company offering wildlife control for home and commercial building owners.  There is room in the world for all kinds of animals but they usually don’t belong indoors or in the rafters of your building. We take a humane approach to safely trapping these unwanted visitors and removing them from your property.

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During certain times of the year, wildlife likes to turn your house into their home.

Sometimes there may be urgent situations especially when there is damage to your home or building. 

Click 'More Info' to answer some of your common questions. 


"Ron captured a skunk on my property.  He did it expeditiously without aggravating the varmint.  Amazingly he was able to catch the skunk without it spraying while protecting my home."

R. Casas

Vallejo, CA

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